Healthcare Scheduling Software

We specialise in Healthcare Booking Software:

  • Real-time resource scheduling
  • Efficient management of meeting rooms
  • Comprehensive facility management

Known for vibrant medical offices, busy healthcare facilities and fast-paced hospitals, the healthcare sector now more than ever requires complex software solutions for smooth running and proficient scheduling. NFS Rendezvous will provide you with the tools needed to do just that. Our innovative, revolutionary scheduling software will help you to better manage room booking and much more.

Today, healthcare is all about maintaining targets and delivering a quality level of care that patients are wholly satisfied with. It’s no surprise then that many hospitals utilise scheduling technology to manage rooms and other health-based resources. Booking rooms for training days, events or patients is an intimidating task that is usually left to administrative staff, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Our meeting room booking system.

With Rendezvous room and resource healthcare booking software at your disposal you have a tool that is exceptionally easy to operate and one which will provide straightforward access via the hospital intranet, allowing you to manage your resources. It’s an excellent resource if you need your employees to easily and accurately book vehicles, AV equipment, medical equipment, lab stations, technical personnel and catering or to schedule meeting space.

The powerful software can easily handle a plethora of tasking requests from a variety of users. The system also has built in fail-safes to prevent missing resources, double bookings and more.

Rendezvous is a 100% web-based software with comprehensive scheduling capabilities. It’s extraordinarily easy to implement, is simple to maintain and will provide nothing in the way of extra work for your IT team.

It is sure to be one of the best meeting room booking systems available now, with its accessibility and ease of scheduling for busy environments. It’s a system that has received industry praise as a low cost solution that delivers an expandable service. This revolutionary piece of kit will allow you to better handle any and all scheduling requirements.

With our elite, cutting-edge system you can:

  • Use our Self-Service Module to pass the data entry burden onto ‘requestors’, utilising functions such as granular and layered security to manage your general user base based on business processes and internal rules set by you.
  • Integrate Outlook/Exchange and gain access to free/busy schedules while staying informed and managing resources and rooms.
  • Achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction and bolster profits by freeing up your schedulers and placing emphasis on managing your approval process and scheduling details with the Self-Service module.
  • Take the burden off your IT staff and give your general user base easy access to integrated authentication, directory services integration and single sign-on.
  • Manage your space smartly with in excess of 100 standard reports and a bespoke query tool as well as the tools to view data and use Crystal Reports to make your own easy-to-understand, informative reports
  • Go green and use your HVAC system with Rendezvous’ scheduling system to reduce your carbon footprint and automatically manage controls on room usage.
  • Get Rendezvous as a Hosted/On-Demand service on a monthly subscription basis

So whether you are a supervisor, general user, service provider, or someone who just needs to be in-the-know, Rendezvous is the room and resource scheduling solution for you.

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