Conference Management Software

Conference Management Software

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The industry is fluid and regularly evolves and changes, making it difficult at times to keep up. A simple solution that many businesses take advantage of is our conference booking software. If you manage a venue that provides event and conference options then such systems are essential to give your clients the best catering and facilities and a truly flawless service. A conference room management system is a secure step to maintaining your high standards, at all times.

As the sales process changes, and with more customers than ever utilising the internet to find information, it’s important for venues in this day and age to own meeting management software that allows you to meet increasing demand. Likewise, corporate hospitality has also undergone huge changes with a rise in venues that deliver a unique experience.

In this day and age, the success of conference venue management hinges on:

  • A strong presence online
  • Efficient diary management
  • Quality sales process and enquiry handling
  • Dependable client-related information such as billing data, bookings and preference

We have a solution.

Rendezvous Events, a highly popular conference management and scheduling software solution that will help you to tackle common problems faced by business operators, is one of the most popular products that we offer at NFS. It helps your employees to make the best space management and selling-related decisions by successfully integrating the booking process with diary management. Providing insights on clients, from preferences to spend patterns, your staff will be able to provide a superior service and attract repeat business, creating additional revenue. And you can ensure that opportunities don’t slip through the net with sales functionality, that allows management of documents and activity follow-up.

The conference management software package and menu management that we deliver will also help you with upselling and customers and increasing revenue as we recognise that catering is a pivotal revenue creator for the majority of venues out there.

Cost-effective and reliable, Rendezvous SaaS, an NFS-created hosted conference software option, delivers immediate results while sidestepping IT costs. We require a small monthly fee… that’s it!

We’re one of the world’s biggest and most respected providers of integrated hospitality technology, operating in several countries, including South Africa. We’ll provide you with quality labour management, EPOS and stock service solutions that will help you to get the most out of your business.

Benefits of a conference management software system

  • Utilise state of the art to keep lost opportunities to a minimum
  • Boost revenue with fresh client data
  • Make use of precise lead conversion, revenue, deposits and revenue forecast reporting
  • Access friendly, professional and informed 24/7 support
  • Successfully streamline business operations with automated contracts, function sheets and quotations

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